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Integrated Power in Real Estate

Alliance Companies specializes in the development of Charter Schools, Multi-Family Apartments and Shopping Center redevelopment. We partner with Investors and our Bankers to deliver above market returns by acquiring assets below market and developing creative development plans that create long-term value in real estate. We focus on Florida and successfully delivered projects in 17 counties since 1998.



Our expertise is comprised of buying land and/or existing structures in strategic locations as investor/managers and creating favorable long term positive cash-flow income streams coupled with capital appreciation over time.

We have built in excess of 2.2 million square feet of commercial, residential and education facilities that have given our partners outstanding risk reward ratio’s since 1994.

We do not participate in the profitability of the projects until bank and investor capital have been returned; and the investor has received its minimum  preferred return on the investment as outlined in original offering memorandum. In conclusion we must create value for our partners in order to create value for ourselves.

Value Creation - Real Estate Intelligence - Tailored Approach

Experienced Team

Robert Cambó

Robert Cambó

Managing Partner

Mr. Cambó’s Bio

Marta Cortina

Marta Cortina


Laura C. Hernandez

Laura C. Hernandez

Senior Project Manager


A real estate operating partner


Asset Acquisition

We identify an undervalued asset that is ripe for re-positioning, or we identifying a parcel of land that can be bought below market value.


Development Strategy

We identify the highest and best use for the property based on current market conditions. We create a development proforma that will deliver outstanding returns to our partners.


Financing strategy

We identify the lenders that will allow us to execute our development plan.


Project Design

We collaborate with design professionals in order to deliver a product that will compete favorable in the marketplace.


Land Use and Permitting

We craft a presentation that will be favorably received by the community. We submit the project through all departments and work with government officials face to face.


Construction Management

We identify those firms that have a track record of delivering our project on time and on budget.


Marketing Strategy

We create and marketing campaigns tailored to needs of the consumers in the community.


Exit Strategy

We always have multiple ways to exit the asset as well as plans B through Z if things don’t go according to plan.

Numbers Speak Loudly

Close to 2 million square feet built out

Total Number of Projects

Total Square Feet Built

Total Project Costs